Toya Knowles

Toya is known as The Short Hair Guru. Even though she specializes in short hair, her success comes from learning how to have $alon $cense this is where her joy comes from, learning how to make sense of her business.

As a professional stylist of over 2 decades, Toya has a true passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom and she is the very best at her craft. After having many years of experience delivering consistent, reliable service makes her a stylist you will love to work with and she finds delight in serving professionals in the beauty business and friends like you who want to take their business and life to a new level. Toya has always dreamed to help everyone create a blueprint for their life with this you will learn how to be a professional that you ever dreamed of being.

“It’s a joy to work with a woman who knows her profession and believes and growing threw Education and Coaching. Let us create your “Blueprint” together.” — Toya Knowles

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Short Hair Guru Squad mission is to educate, empower and invoke a holistic mindset shift in the beauty industry by creating a platform that is not only fun but structured and fundamentally valuable through our workshops, retreats, and conferences that create freedom to live the life you want to live beyond the chair.