Meet Toya Knowles

Short Hair Guru

Are you ready for the new and best you? Meet Ms. Toya Knowles. Toya's mission is to promote confidence, poise and beauty from within for her clients through the integration of great looking hair, health and fashion. Being a great person is internal. Great looks and style are still what people see first. Toya is the professional stylist that delivers exactly what you need.

Toya is known as a short hair Guru. Toya is a specialist in short hair and her artistry begins with a plan to promote beauty and health of her client from the inside out. She bring your imagination to life, your hair style to perfection and your overall appearance to the pinnacle of a professionally styled look.

As a professional stylist Toya has a true passion for working with women with short hair. Toya is the very best at her craft. Her many years of experience delivering consistent, reliable service makes Toya a stylist you will love to work with. She prides herself in serving professional women like you who “must” always looks their best. You are Toya’s work of art and your beauty is priceless. Let Toya help you show it to the world.

Toya Knowles

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